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We bring the pizza to the people!


Silver Sands wood fire pizza truck is the perfect way to bring a group of people together for a high-quality catering event. We are perfect for private parties, block parties, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, corporate lunches, graduations, networking events, and many more. To book your party, please email us at silversandspizza@gmail.com or visit our website and book at www.silversandspizzatruck.com

How It Works

We will come with one of our pizza trucks to your event location prior to serving time, to make sure your event will be ready to serve up hot and delicious pizzas.

Your guests can choose from our entire list specialty pizzas listed on our menu. We will also provide a buffet so that guests can also make their own plate and build your own pizza from our most popular toppings.

Along with the pizzas we will have our most popular salad for your guest to serve themselves. We will be there to make pizzas for 2 hours.. At the end of your event whatever is on table will be boxed, we will make you couple extra pizzas before we leave. We cater to our host and their guests to make sure the quality is exemplary and everyone is happy.

What is included?

All you can eat pizzas that are listed on our catering menu, we will also have Gluten Free crust with us upon request.(rice based crust)

Large Bowl of our most popular Westport salad (spring mix topped with sundried cranberries, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese served with our home made balsamic dressing on the side)

Dessert Pizzas -we will make our delicious Nutella s’mores pie at the end of your event. ( Nutella Marshmallow, Powdered Sugar. ) We will provide all paper goods, plastic and Paper plates, dinner napkins, and utensils for your guests.

How to Book?

Once you have your date and serving time is set you can email us at silversandspizza@gmail.com, or you may also book directly on our website at www.silversandspizzatruck.com We will respond your emails within 24 hours. If the date and serving time is available, we will ask for confirmation to book your event.

We will send you a confirmation email stating that your event has been booked and we are all set on our end. We will be also sending you a Google calendar invitation to confirm we are in agreement with the date and time of your event.

You could also reach us at provided phone numbers on our website to call and discuss any questions you may have. Prior to your event we will contact you to get the final guest count of your event and ask if there are any food allergies we have to accommodate.

Serving Times

Silver Sands Pizzas have set serving times for your event please let us know which time frame fits you the best. This mean we will be ready to start serving you either 12 PM , OR 3 PM OR 6 PM Whichever you prefer we will arrive earlier then set serving time to prep and we start making pizzas for your guests at the agreed upon start time for the entire two hour block.
Our Serving time listed below
For Lunch : 12 pm to 2 PM
Late Afternoon : 3PM to 5 PM
Evening Time : 6 PM to 8PM

How much does it cost?

We do charge $1000.00per event up to 40 people If your party is more than 40 people we do charge extra $25.00 per guest.
We do not charge any extra fees for set up or travel.
There is no charge for any children under the age of 6.
You could pay us after the event once we are done. We do take Cash or check.


Do I need to put any deposit?

No deposits are required

Can we change our date?

You can if the new date is available

Can I cancel?

(We need 24-hour notice)

How do I pay?

(Cash or check made out to Silver Sands pizza. Otherwise if you prefer to pay by card we charge a fee of 3%)

Do we have to pay for kids?

Children 6 or under eat free

What about food allergies?

Prior to the event we need to know that way we can prep accordingly, we can serve Gluten free, lactose free and if vegan you must provide your own vegan cheese

What if it rains?

We can serve you with no problem. We are prepared for all weather conditions

What If I don’t have 40 people?

We can still be there for your event but we need to collect minimum $1000.00 for us to be at your event.